How to Get Hardware and Software Information in Android

We have seen many apps on play store which provides the hardware and software information. In Android one can easily fetch the information programmatically using Build class. Build class in android provides the basic information like serial number, android SDK, brand, model no, manufacture, version code and etc. There are many other information you can 

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Animated Gradient Background in Android

Adding Animated Gradient Background in your app is really easy by using xml and java code. Animated moving gradients background between gradients as animation makes your android app really awesome. You might have seen this type of background color animation in Instagram app’s Login Screen. Instagram app keeps on transforming background from one gradient to 

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How To Reduce Android APK Size

Android Application Size really matters when going live to the play store. Users often avoid downloading apps that seem too large, particularly in emerging markets where devices connect to often-spotty 2G and 3G networks or work on pay-by-the-byte plans. I would like to share the few approaches which you can use to reduce apk size 

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Android Count Down Timer Tutorial

A countdown is a sequence of backward counting to indicate the time remaining before an event is scheduled to occur. To achieve countdown Android comes with a built-in CountDownTimer class for constructing CountDownTimers. Its easy to use, efficient and works.This class is an abstract class whose methods need to be overridden to implement it in 

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Android Material Design Bottom Sheets Tutorial

With the Arrival of the new version 23.2 of library support Android brings a new component that can enrich the user interface of some of our applications, calls Bottom Sheets. You can find a detailed description of this component in the guides design of Material design. What is Bottom Sheets ? A bottom sheet is 

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Android Material Design Snackbar Tutorial

One of the basic UX component in Android is an Toast. It is generally used to show little message to the user. But last year when material design was released, a new UX component Snackbar was introduced. Android Snackbar is just like a Toast message except that it has an option for user feedback. You 

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